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A warm welcome to Heath Primary School

At Heath, our core mission is 'Growing Young Minds'.  We are passionate about learning and achieve high academic standards through an exciting and engaging curriculum.  We believe in providing children with skills for life in an ever changing world and giving them lasting memories of a rich variety of experiences during their time at Heath Primary School.

David Whatley, Headteacher


'The Heath Way'

Our school vision...

...is to be a primary school where everyone is valued and respected; where everyone grows to become the best that they can be; where everyone is happy and feels safe, and where learning has no limitations.

Personal Development

Heath's Values

We are:

- Respectful

- Kind

- Positive

- Proud

A Growth Mindset

We want children to believe that:

- Achievements are down to effort

- We learn from our mistakes

- Intelligence & ability can be developed

- It is important to ask questions & seek out challenges

Learning Powers

We work hard to:

- Enjoy our Learning

- Use our imagination

- Be resilient

- Be curious

- Concentrate

- Keep improving

- Be brave & have a go

- Be co-operative


Pupil Leadership

Our pupil leadership roles help children to:

- Develop independence

- Manage responsibilities

- Demonstrate commitment

- Be creative

- Develop confidence

- Solve problems

- Support other pupils

- Work as part of a team


 Our Curriculum

Curriculum Aims

We believe our curriculum should help children to:

- Celebrate diversity

- Always ‘aim high’

- Become independent & collaborative learners

- Think creatively & solve problems

- Live a healthy lifestyle & build positive relationships

- Make connections

- Understand the importance of British Values

- Appreciate & respect the world we live in


Wider Opportunities

We provide an enriched curriculum by offering children the opportunity to:

- Go on exciting and engaging school trips

- Work with visitors who are subject specialists

- Take part in a wide range of extra-curricular clubs

- Work in the school garden

- Help care for the school animals

- Learn outside in the school wildlife/forest areas

- Work on Enterprise Projects with local businesses

- Learn to play the recorder, guitar and piano

Learning Threads

Learning is linked across the school through the following threads:

- Global Challenges

- Keeping Healthy

- Innovation, Invention & Enterprise

- Planet Earth

- Settlements

- Farming & Agriculture

- Leaders & Democracy

Learning Progression

Knowledge & skills are mapped out & developed throughout the school with our:

- Subject Progression Maps

- Subject Learning Strands

- Subject Learning Pathways

- Core Learning Skills

- Year Group Reading Spines

- Reflection Progression Statements

 Knowledge, Understanding & Skills

Knowledge Organisers

These identify the knowledge & prior knowledge, skills, vocabulary & wider links within each unit of learning 

Knowledge Maps

These are learning tools that we use to help children store & retrieve information from their long term memory

Multiple-Choice Quizzes

These are used to help assess children’s understanding & inform the teacher’s next steps in planning


Before delivering key lessons, we support children who lack confidence or have gaps in learning by delivering ‘pre-teach’ sessions