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Science Leads: Miss Haste and Miss Hind

Governor Lead: Marcus Franks

At Heath, science is a progressive subject where knowledge and vocabulary are built upon through practical discovery and experimentation in a diverse range of learning environments. Children are provided with skills that allow them to collaboratively ask questions, analyse data, debate theories and record their scientific findings across a broad, balanced curriculum which has no limitations. Children at Heath will develop a curiosity about the world around them with the aim to enable them to use their body of knowledge to engage and contribute to society throughout their lives.


Science Progression Maps


Science Learning Threads

We have developed our learning threads to create 'journeys of learning' that run throughout the school. The threads center around local and global themes to provide relevance and context to the children's learning and help to weave together content from across the different subjects in the curriculum. The learning builds upon what the children have learnt previously in the school, enabling the children to gain a deeper understanding of the content. 


Our Approach to Science

  • The children learn the core facts and concepts. These are split into biology, chemistry and physics, with a clear progression in each, in terms of knowledge and vocabulary, as the children progress through the school.
  • The children explore the theory through working scientifically.
  • Working scientifically is split into the following areas:
        - Researching using secondary sources
        - Identifying
        - Classifying
        - Predicting
        - Fair testing
        - Working methodically
        - Collecting data
        - Presenting data
        - Making conclusions
        - Evaluating
  • The children learn about the work of a diverse range of scientists from the present day and the past.