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Children in Need 17/11/23

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School Council

Our School Councillors for 2023-24 are:

Year 1- Ava, Arthur, Alyssia and Colby

Year 2- Rory, Mila, Millie, Lucas, Robyn and Stanley

Year 3- Oscar, Nina, Thea, Marley, Eli and George

Year 4- Thea, Evan, Finley, Lucy, Phoebie and Dylan

Year 5- Rory, Jess, Michael, Daisy, Godwin and Minnie

Year 6- Ryan, Leah, Owen, Tallulah, Joey and Fabian

Our Chairperson is Fabian, our Treasurer is Tallulah and our Secretary is Joey.


This is our School Council constitution.

Red Nose Day 2023

 Odd Socks Day for Anti-Bullying Week



2022-23 Minutes


8th november 2022.pdf


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wednesday 22nd march 2023.pdf