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Parental Quotes


My daughter was inspired by the recent author visit.

We love the KS2 pupils reading with the KS1 pupils. It's great for both!

Heath is doing a really good job at helping the children to develop a love of reading.

My children feel happy to go school and have positive experiences.

Fantastic parents evening. Streamlined, convenient and well organised!

Online parents evening works really well. It takes less time, stops parents have to either take children out with them or find suitable childcare and means the teacher gets to go home much earlier! I would like to continue with online parents evenings in the future.

I really like being able to directly email the class teacher.

The remote lessons have been brilliant and have helped my girls keep up with learning.

I have found this term really useful and well structured. The online learning platform is interactive and inclusive of parents too. I think the teachers have been fantastic this term managing the work and ensuring the children still feel connected and included.

I think the school and teachers have done our children proud! Thank you to everyone at the school that has worked so hard to keep our children learning.

Thank you for all the hard work the teachers and other staff in school have put in during lockdown.

My two children have loved the videos and being able to see their teacher each day.

The support I had from the class teacher for my child was brilliant - always there for both me and them to support and encourage.

Having regular, direct contact with their teachers and receiving feedback on their work has really helped keep both my daughters motivated. They have particularly enjoyed the addition of the PE and ICT lessons. Thank you to all the teachers for their efforts, it has been much appreciated.

It’s has been outstanding - it is clear to see how much effort and hard work has gone into lesson prep and a big change for the teaching staff to make the transition to virtual learning.

My daughter really enjoys using Accelerated Reader and we do the quizzes together - it’s great!

I think that Accelerated Reader is a good tool to encourage my children to read and to support in knowing their levels of understanding what they have read.

Read Write Inc. was a wonderful scheme for my son and it really helped scaffold his learning. 

Read Write Inc is excellent and has helped my son's phonics so much.

The class and inter class competitions set on TT has really motivated my son. He is now a very speedy Rock Legend!

TT Rockstars has been amazing for my daughter. She sees it as a challenge to get the quickest score in the class and played it a lot in Year 4. Her times tables are far better than mine now!