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Thank you to our brilliant PFA for helping us with the following projects:

The Early Years garden

The school pond

Roger and Rudi's enclosure

The outdoor cabins


The PFA's hard work enables the school to fund projects that would not be otherwise possible, whilst also providing the children and family members with fun events throughout the year.  Without the PFA's members and volunteers, these events would not be possible and Heath would not be able to continue to provide the wide range of activities that currently enrich the curriculum.  The PFA are always on the lookout for more members and volunteers - your time would be appreciated, whether it is helping out at a single event, or joining the PFA.  Volunteering is a great way to have fun and will benefit all of the children across the school.  To find out more, come along to the AGM, message the PFA, or leave your details at the school office.


Supporting the school to extend the school garden - this will create a growing area for each year group, so that they can grow, look after and sell their own crops.

Providing funding for year teams to develop their reading areas - each year team will be creating a mini library area and the funding from the PFA will help to develop these libraries into lovely book areas that celebrate reading.


Find out about the current fundraising projects in the latest PFA newsletter...


  • Pippa Trench - Chair
  • Rob Hardy - Vice Chair
  • Hayley Thorpe - Treasurer
  • Jo Hardy - Secretary