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Holidays in Term Time

Below is the directive from the Suffolk Director for Children and Young people regarding requests for holiday during term time:

Term time holidays are intended for children whose parents are unable to take holiday at any other time.

Schools will consider every application individually: the policy is not to grant leave of absence for a holiday, other than in the most exceptional circumstances. Time off school for family holidays is not a right. An application must be made, with appropriate evidence, three weeks in advance of the intended holiday.

Schools will consider authorising holidays for:

  • Service personnel and other employees who are prevented from taking holidays during term time;
  • When a family needs to spend time together to support each other during or after a crisis, e.g. bereavement;
  • Parents who are subject to strict and un-negotiable holiday rotas – evidence will need to be provided on headed paper by the employer.

Requests for holidays for the following reasons will not be authorised:

  • Cheaper cost of holidays;
  • Availability of desired accommodation;
  • Poor weather experienced in school holiday periods;
  • Day trips;
  • Entertainment - concerts etc;
  • Overlap with beginning or of end of term.

School will NOT authorise a holiday during periods of national tests, i.e. SATs and GCSE examines.

Parents need to be aware that local authorities/schools can use warning notices/penalty fines for unauthorised holiday absence.  In addition to this, parents should be aware that the school's registers are regularly checked by the educational welfare officer and any unauthorised absences will be followed up.  Information regarding penalty fines is available on the Suffolk County Council website - click here for more details.