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Attendance and Absence

We encourage full attendance at school but, obviously, if your child is unwell they should not be sent to school. 


All absences should be reported either by email or telephone the absence line and not to teachers or teaching assistants. If you need to report an absence, please email the school, using the following email address attendance@heathkesgrave.suffolk.sch.uk or if you are unable to email, leave a message on the school's answerphone, selecting Option 1. Please contact the school by 9.30am to advise us why your child will not be in school. Your child’s teacher will be advised accordingly.


A child who has sickness and diarrhoea, which is due to a virus, should be at least 48 hours symptom-free before returning to school, (this helps to reduce the spread of such viruses). This is in accordance with the Public Health Agency Guidelines.


A child that is only sick once for reasons other than a viral infection, will be allowed to attend school if they are well enough to do so.  This will be confirmed following a conversation with a member of the admin team.


Leave of Absence during Term Time:   If you wish to take your child out of school during term time, it will be necessary for you to complete a ‘Request for Exceptional Leave of Absence’ form. These are available from the school office.  A letter should accompany the form explaining why the holiday cannot be taken during the school holidays.  Head teachers are not able to authorise family holidays in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances, and these are listed on the form.  These regulations become applicable once your child becomes of compulsory school age, which is the term after they are five years of age.  However, this ‘Leave of Absence’ form should be completed even if your child is not of compulsory school age. 


Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s attendance, please speak to Mr Whatley, Head Teacher or Wendy Lucking, Assistant Head Teacher & SENDCo.  The school office staff may also be able to help you and can provide you with the contact number for the Education Welfare Officer, should you require this.   


Please see the guidance on infection control for other health related concerns on the Public Health Agency link below.