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Vision and Values

Our school vision is to be a primary school where everyone is valued and respected; where everyone grows to become the best that they can be; where everyone is happy and feels safe, and where learning has no limitations.

To realise this vision, we all follow the ‘Heath Way’.

At Heath, we are extremely proud of our school, our incredible outdoor environment and our dedicated staff. 

Our values and ethos:

  • We promote mutual respect for one another and the world around us
  • We always aim high in all that we do
  • We develop creativity 
  • We promote sport and healthy living
  • We make connections with our learning, the local community and the wider world
  • We believe that everyone matters

Our core mission is 'Growing Young Minds'.  We are passionate about learning and achieve high academic standards through an exciting and engaging curriculum.  We believe in providing children with skills for life in an ever changing world and giving them lasting memories of a rich variety of experiences during their time at Heath Primary School.