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Art Leads: Miss Milbourne and Mrs Whatley

Art Governor: Leah Sinclair

Our vision is to have a broad and enjoyable curriculum that allows our children to become creative, imaginative and confident artists. This will be achieved through learning about a range of great and local artists, craft makers and designers. Alongside this, children will practise and develop a range of skills and techniques with different tools and materials, record from first-hand experiences, draw upon their own imagination and prior knowledge, and develop non-verbal means of organising ideas.




Our Approach to Art

  • In each unit, the children explore the work of a diverse range of artists. This includes local artists and artists from other backgrounds and cultures. They compare and contrast the work of the different artists and share their opinions.
  • From there, the children choose pieces of work that will be their stimulus for the unit.
  • Skills and techniques related to the piece are practised and developed and the children experiment and take risks.
  • Ideas are generated and developed.
  • This culminates in a final piece being produced in which the children have a chance to be creative and use the skills and techniques that they have developed through the unit.
  • Artwork is shared and celebrated and the children have a chance to reflect upon their work and the process that they went through to create the piece.

  • The process is recorded in art journals. Pieces are displayed to to the school community. 
  • Key questions are used to provide focus and depth to the learning.
  • Knowledge organisers, knowledge maps and low stake quizzes are used to help embed the knowledge learned into the long term memory.

Community Projects

Our Year Six children worked with Knapple, a local artist, to create some stunning environmental themed artwork for the subway at the bottom of Ropes Drive. 


We are currently involved in a project organised by local councillor, Debbie McCallum, to create artwork for a local residential home. In the Autumn Term, we had a whole school art themed working together morning to produce pieces to put forward to the residents.


The residents have now picked some of their favourite designs and we look forward to completing the project later in the year.